Senior Engineer

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Senior Engineer

Why GhostMonitor?

In the last twenty years, e-commerce has completely revolutionized the retail world. It went from being a non-existent business model to becoming a potential threat to the traditional mall as we know it.

Jeff Bezos shipped Amazon’s first ever online book sale in 1995. We consumers haven't looked back since. Data released this September indicates that we're about to spend $1,922,000,000,000 ($1.9 trillion) on online stores in 2016.

The evolution of e-commerce has inevitably brought competition to the market. Approximately 1200 e-commerce stores open every day and join the 1.6 million already existing ones. The growth of e-commerce is unstoppable, which creates new challenges for e-commerce merchants.

Consumers can buy from more sites at a cheaper price and we get distracted more and more often. There is a huge amount of noise out there. All this leads to a phenomenon often referred to as 'cart abandonment'. People are abandoning their shopping carts more than ever. The cart abandonment rate is 80% today - so 80 of 100 carts are never checked out. This leads to an average online entrepreneur losing $400 revenue on every $100 made.

We believe these changes are forcing e-commerce merchants to seek new approaches. The $4 trillion lost revenue in 2014 created a movement to shift the funnel of e-commerce stores. We will dedicate the next five years to help tens of thousands of e-commerce merchants earn more.

The war for more dollars has begun.


Take a good look at the following statements. If the answer to each isn't a resounding "hell yeah!", then it might not be worth your time reading much further...

  • You're the right person for us if you strike a balance between pragmatism and pushing the envelope.
  • You want to contribute to a small, friendly, team of high achievers who will help you grow (and make you laugh).
  • You take pride in your work, and rank quality above quantity and speed.
  • You want to build an amazing product that will serve the masses - from small startups to big enterprises.
  • You crave the freedom to be creative and work on things that interest you.
  • You strike the perfect balance between innovation and practicality.

If all (or most) of the above sound right up your street, keep on reading my friend - we might just have the perfect position for you...


Your role as the Senior Engineer here at Ghostmonitor will first and foremost be to understand and embrace the vision of the company. Then it's just a case of writing top-notch code that brings our vision to life - helping businesses big and small recover their carts, and get the most out of their customers.

Ghostmonitor is SaaS platform written in Node.js using micro service architecture principles. We also use MongoDB, Elasticsearch, AWS - SQS, Lambda, Elasticache. On the client side, we mostly use React. We are using kubernetes and codeship for CI and deployment.

We believe we could achieve the best user and also developer experience by automating everything, so testing and extending our continuous integration system will also lie within your scope of responsibilities.

Required Skills

  • JavaScript (preferably Node.js)
  • Understanding of asynchronous techniques (callbacks, promises, generators, async/await)
  • Experience with javascript testing tools: mocha / tape, sinon, proxyquire, supertest, selenium/ phantomjs/ nightmare.js
  • MongoDB

Good to have

  • AWS - SQS, Lambda, Dynamodb, S3
  • TDD
  • Docker
  • Koa
  • React.js


GhostMonitor was started by Soma Toth and Peter Bodnar. After they founded and ran 7-figure e-commerce stores together and learned the difficulties of e-commerce the hard way, they decided to build a SaaS to overcome them. The company launched in May 2016, and already has 1000 active users.

At GhostMonitor, we're chasing the American Dream. Our founders spend a lot of time in San Francisco and our clients are mostly from the United States as well.

We've learned the tricks of the trade from the best entrepreneurs on the planet. We strongly believe that we're going to count tens of thousands of active users by the end of 2017. The e-commerce market is unstoppable, and so we are.

We're self-funded and stable. We pay the bills from our e-commerce profits. However, we receive a number of investment offers every month, so it's possible to take some investment in the future.


This is a SIT-IN POSITION. We'd love you to join us at our 13. district, Budapest Lehel square office at least 3 times a week.

Many companies will offer unlimited paid vacation - which let's face it, usually means no vacation at all. Instead of making false promises, we want to know what's important to you, and how we can make that happen.

Do you want...

  • a top end laptop?
  • to visit the greatest companies in the Silicon Valley?
  • to build your own team?
  • GhostMonitor stocks?
  • more autonomy?
  • to organize your own time?

Whilst we can't provide all of the above, you tell us what's most important to you and we'll help make it a reality.

Another thing to note:

GhostMonitor is a family friendly organization. We know how instrumental loved ones can be in reaching our goals and realizing our dreams. That's why we encourage all of our team members to take personal time to spend with those who mean the most to them.


Our salary offer is 300-600k HUF (net) with stock options on our US company depending on your fit.


If this interests you, please do any of the following:

(A hirdetés a HUP-Profession szabadkártya felhasználásával került kihelyezésre)

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Up :) ha esetleg barkinek van kerdese szivesen varom.
"ssh in a for loop is not a solution" – Luke Kanies, Puppet developer

A netto fizetes mit jelent pontosan? Akinek mondjuk 3 gyereke van es jogosult csaladi ado kedvezmenyre annak kevesebb lesz a bruttoja mint akinek nincs? :)

Termeszetesen nem.Azert van netto feltuntve mert ugy vettuk eszre az emberek tobbsege nemtud netto-bruttot szamolni ezert van ez feltuntve.
Plusz ez a gyerek problema meg nem jott szembe senkinel :)
"ssh in a for loop is not a solution" – Luke Kanies, Puppet developer

Ha boritekban jon a fizu, akkor nincs brutto :)

Nyilvan csak viccelek, olyan sosincs es nem is volt, hogy valaki igy kapja a fizeteset :)