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Mit szeretnek rajta az emberek?

Én is bírnám, ha ilyen munkatársaim lennének:

a Mátrix folytatásának forgatása után Harley-Davidson motorokat ajándékozott a kaszkadőröknek.

BTW: a kaszkadőröknek való Rolex Sub ajándékozás nem az ő eredeti ötlete. Steve McQueen adott egy Submarinert a saját dublőrének:

According to Phillips listing, this Submariner Ref. 5513 dates to 1964 and is the earliest-known McQueen Submariner in existence. McQueen kept the watch until the mid-to-late ’70s when he gifted it to Loren Janes, McQueen’s longtime stunt double and friend. McQueen started working with Janes on the set of the Western TV drama Wanted: Dead or Alive and grew to appreciate his work so much that he requested Janes to work as his stunt double for every project in which their schedules aligned. As such, Janes worked on 19 of McQueen’s 27 major motion pictures.

The watch has stayed in the Janes family until it recently sold to the current cosigner. It even survived the Sand Fire outside of Los Angeles in 2016 which destroyed Janes’ home. The watch was found within the rubble and sent to Rolex for restoration. While some key elements were refurbished and replaced (including the dial), the case back adorned with McQueen’s endearing engraving — “TO LOREN, THE BEST DAMN STUNTMAN IN THE WORLD. STEVE” — remains.

Link: Steve McQueen’s Rolex Submariner Is Going Up for Auction This Year

Ha úgy vesszük, ezek az emberek a saját életüket kockáztatják a színészért. Egy ilyen ajándék nem túlzó ...