Linus Torvalds: Linux 5.17-rc1


A szokásos, két hetes beolvasztási időablak (merge window) bezárult, így Linus kiadta az 5.17-es kernel első prepatchét. A szokásosnál 10 órával korábban, így technikailag egy a merge windows kissé rövidebb volt a szokásosnál:

I've tagged the rc1 release a couple of hours earlier than usual, and
in a timezone 10 hours before the usual one, so this merge window was
technically a bit shorter than usual. But if somebody didn't get their
pull request in in time, they shouldn't have left it so late - and
there's always 5.18. Never fear - we'll not run out of numbers.

I was nervous that this merge window would be more painful than usual
due to my family-related travels, but I have to give thanks to people:
a lot of you sent your pull requests early in the merge window, and
while there were a couple of hiccups I hit early on, that was all
before switching my main workstation to a laptop. Everything seems to
have gone fairly smoothly.

Knock wood.

5.17 doesn't seem to be slated to be a huge release, and everything
looks fairly normal. We've got a bit more activity than usual in a
couple of corners of the kernel (random number generator and the
fscache rewrite stand out), but even with those things, the big
picture view looks very much normal: the bulk is various driver
updates, with architectures updates, documentation, and tooling being
the bulk of the rest. Even with a total rewrite, that fscache diff
looks more like a blip in the big picture.

And hey, it may not be a huge release, but the full shortlog would
still be much too big to post - or scan through. So as is traditional,
I'm just appending my mergelog as a highlevel view of what's been
going on.

Please give it all a test,


Letölthető aól.


Ajjaj, tapasztalatból mondom, hogy ezek a look fairly normal, looks very much normal, may not be a huge relese szövegek veszélyesek, amolyan híres utolsó szavak Linus esetében.

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