Linus Torvalds: Linux 6.10-rc6


Tesztelhető a 6.10-es Linux kernel hatodik prepatche:

List:       linux-kernel
Subject:    Linux 6.10-rc6
From:       Linus Torvalds <torvalds () linux-foundation ! org>
Date:       2024-06-30 21:55:16

This release continues to be fairly calm, and rc6 looks pretty small.
It's also entirely just random small fixes spread all over, with no
bigger pattern.

Mostly drivers, but we've got some random arch fixlets from Arnd
(mostly compat syscall stuff), we've got some filesystem fixes (yes,
bcachefs again), some bpf stuff with selftests etc.

Nothing really stands out, with the possible exception of a series of
tty/serial reverts ("not ready yet, revert and we'll try again