A PostgreSQL projekt Debian/Ubuntu-csomag archívumot indított

Users had often asked where they could find older versions of packages from apt.postgresql.org. I had been collecting these since about April 2013, and in July 2016, I made the packages available via an ad-hoc URL on the repository master host, called "the morgue". There was little repository structure, all files belonging to a source package were stuffed into a single directory, no matter what distribution they belonged to. Besides this not being particularly accessible for users, the main problem was the ever-increasing need for more disk space on the repository host. We are now at 175 GB for the archive, of which 152 GB is for the morgue.

Our friends from yum.postgresql.org have had a proper archive host (yum-archive.postgresql.org) for some time already, so it was about time to follow suit and implement a proper archive for apt.postgresql.org as well, usable from apt.

So here it is: apt-archive.postgresql.org

The archive covers all past and current Debian and Ubuntu distributions.

Részletek itt.