PocketCHIP ships this month with PICO-8 preinstalled

OSNews - sze, 2016-05-04 00:23
But most exciting, to me at least, is PocketCHIP will ship with PICO-8 preinstalled. If you've never heard of PICO-8, you have a bunch of weird little video games to catch up on. Basically it's a "fantasy console" that runs in a browser or on a desktop, but has resource limitations akin to a Game Boy Color. What's even better is PICO-8 has built-in tools for building your own game - complete with code, sprite, and sound editors - and every game someone else makes can be opened up and tweaked. PocketCHIP will include a browser for the hundreds of published PICO-8 games, turning it into an out-of-the-box handheld console. So this thing completely passed by my radar, and it's actually kind of amazing. The PocketCHIP is a CHIP in a Game Boy-like case, and comes with the aforementioned PICO-8 environment preinstalled. I immediately ordered one today, and I can't wait for it to arrive come June. This is a ton of value for what you're getting, and the built-in coding ability, while not useful to me - since I can't program - should be a huge boon for many people here on OSNews. The device's QWERTY keyboard means you can code right on the device itself. All in all, incredibly neat.
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Ubuntu Founder Pledges No Back Doors

LinuxToday - k, 2016-05-03 21:30
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Chromium OS comes to Raspberry Pi 3

LinuxToday - k, 2016-05-03 21:30
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p2k16 Hackathon Report: landry@ on mozilla ports

OpenBSD Journal - k, 2016-05-03 20:49
The next report in our p2k16 series is from Landry Breuil, who writes:

For once we had a hackathon in France, so travel should be simple... turns out, at the last minute the past week i had engaged myself in a motorbike rally race, taking place in Corsica on the weekend right before the hackathon. Driving to south of france on Thursday, night boat to corsica, two days racing, then boat back to the mainland, then driving all night to come back to my place, change backpack, sleep 1h, and hop on the cheap bus from my place to Nantes. Arrived there at 21h, i was of course totally destroyed from the 30h trip and after meeting the others for a heavy meal, i crashed early to bed... Read more...

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Linux Kernel BPF JIT Spraying (grsecurity forums)

Linux Weekly News - k, 2016-05-03 19:33
Over at the grsecurity forums, Brad Spengler writes about a recently released proof of concept attack on the kernel using JIT spraying. "What happened next was the hardening of the BPF interpreter in grsecurity to prevent such future abuse: the previously-abused arbitrary read/write from the interpreter was now restricted only to the interpreter buffer itself, and the previous warn on invalid BPF instructions was turned into a BUG() to terminate execution of the exploit. I also then developed GRKERNSEC_KSTACKOVERFLOW which killed off the stack overflow class of vulns on x64. A short time later, there was work being done upstream to extend the use of BPF in the kernel. This new version was called eBPF and it came with a vastly expanded JIT. I immediately saw problems with this new version and noticed that it would be much more difficult to protect -- verification was being done against a writable buffer and then translated into another writable buffer in the extended BPF language. This new language allowed not just arbitrary read and write, but arbitrary function calling." The protections in the grsecurity kernel will thus prevent this attack. In addition, the newly released RAP feature for grsecurity, which targets the elimination of return-oriented programming (ROP) vulnerabilities in the kernel, will also ensure that "the fear of JIT spraying goes away completely", he said.
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Ericsson F5321 WWAN modul + USB adapter ELADÓ

HUP adás-vétel - k, 2016-05-03 18:22

Normál méretű sim kártyával működő USB-s adapterrel eladó egy Ericsson F5321 WWAN modul.

Vihető adapter nélkül is, sok notival kompatibilis, az enyémmel (8560p) nem.

Adapterrel + egy normál méretű sim kártyával elvileg bármilyen géppel kompatibilis.

A WWAN modul fix 5.000 Ft, az adapter fix 1.500.

A wwan modult adott esetben elcserélem egy Sierra Wireless MC8355 -re, pontosan ilyenre:

A kettő együtt 6.000 -ért vihető :) Ha postázni kell a posta nincs benne az árban.

Érdeklődni privátban, beszámítás most nincs.

Köszi hogy elolvastad.

Security advisories for Tuesday

Linux Weekly News - k, 2016-05-03 18:08

Debian-LTS has updated openjdk-7 (multiple vulnerabilities) and smarty3 (code execution).

Fedora has updated php (F23: multiple vulnerabilities).

Gentoo has updated git (multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated mercurial (OL7: two vulnerabilities).

Scientific Linux has updated mercurial (SL7: two vulnerabilities).

Slackware has updated mercurial (code execution).

Ubuntu has updated libtasn1-3, libtasn1-6 (15.10, 14.04, 12.04: denial of service), libtasn1-6 (16.04: denial of service), openssl (multiple vulnerabilities), poppler (15.10, 14.04, 12.04: multiple vulnerabilities), and firefox (12.04: denial of service).

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p2k16 Hackathon Report: naddy@ on graphics libs progress (yes, packages!)

OpenBSD Journal - k, 2016-05-03 18:07
Fresh from the p2k16 hackathon comes this report from Christian Weisgerber, who writes:

Coming to p2k16, I had only vague plans what to work on. The last few hackathons I had tackled some projects that didn't quite result into something committable, so this time I decided to keep it basic. The idea was to update some ports and maybe make a dent in the use of the obsolete libiconv and gettext modules. Read more...

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OpenBSD Foundation Announces Gold Sponsor

OpenBSD Journal - k, 2016-05-03 17:35
OpenBSD Foundation director Ken Westerback (krw@) writes in with some great news:

The OpenBSD Foundation is happy to announce that DuckDuckGo has become the first Gold level contributor to the 2016 fundraising campaign.

This donation is part DuckDuckGo's annual initiative to help fund free and open source projects based on nominations from their community.

Not only is it great to hear that companies are giving back to the project, but also that OpenBSD was nominated by DDG users. A big thanks to them and their community!

Donations to the OpenBSD Foundation can be made on the donations page, and they can be contacted regarding corporate sponsorship at fundraising@openbsdfoundation.org.

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