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EuroBSDCon 2015 OpenBSD Presentations Online

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This year's EuroBSDCon in Stockholm, Sweden was a quite successful conference with approximately 250 attendees and a fairly strong showing of OpenBSD developers presenting:

  • Raceless network configuration, Vadim Zhukov (video, slides)
  • Portroach, OpenBSD distfile scanner, Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse (video, slides)
  • softraid(4) boot, Stefan Sperling (video, paper)
  • Cryptography in OpenBSD: Another Overview Ted Unangst (video, slides)
  • Faster and more secure packages in OpenBSD, Marc Espie (video, slides)
  • mandoc: from scratch to the standard BSD documenation toolkit in 6 years, Ingo Schwarze (video, slides)
  • Why OpenBSD matters in the Healthcare Industry, Brandon Mercer (video)
  • OpenBSD sucks, Henning Brauer (video)
  • config – Rethinking kernel build Masao Uebayashi (video)
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Recent OpenSMTPD errata and you

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OpenSMTPD has bumped its version number a couple times in the last few days, and there's been some confusion about the included security fixes. This post will bring you up to speed on what's affected and what's not. Read more...
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Call for Testing: tame userland diff

p, 2015-10-02 09:03

After recently publishing the slides from his talk on the subject, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) has just mailed the masses, letting us know where we are with tame(2):

For those who are curious, this is the tame diff which is currently in snapshots. Yes, we are asking for testing and feedback.

The full diff follows in the original mail, but it's probably simpler to just use a snapshot. For those of you who've been looking forward to seeing how it handles, now's the time to find out.

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l2k15 Hackathon Report: beck@ on libtls

v, 2015-09-27 17:24
Our next l2k15 hackathon report comes from Bob Beck (beck@):

So I thought I would go to l2k15 without a plan for what to work on, and that if I didn't end up with something to attack in LibreSSL land, I would simply hack away on the buffer cache some more..


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l2k15 Hackathon Report: dlg@ on SMP networking

v, 2015-09-27 14:20
David Gwynne (dlg@) writes in with our next report from the l2k15 hackathon, detailing all the networking dragons he and the crew faced. Read more...
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l2k15 Hackathon Report: Bernard Spil on portable LibreSSL

v, 2015-09-27 14:14
The next trip report comes from hackathon invitee Bernard Spil, who's been upstreaming LibreSSL-related ports fixes and integrating it into other projects. Read more...
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OpenBSD 5.8 CD sets and swag shipping soon

szo, 2015-09-26 15:29
The OpenBSD 5.8 pre-orders are about to ship. The OpenBSD Store twitter account tweeted with a picture of soon-to-be-shipped CD sets on Saturday, September 26th:

OpenBSD 5.8 stock has arrived. Shipping isn't too far off. Get your orders in! :-)

— OpenBSD Store (@openbsdeurope) September 26, 2015

Get your orders in! There are T-shirts and various other swag to be had, too.

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DRM updated, includes Broadwell support

cs, 2015-09-24 17:21
Mark Kettenis (kettenis@) has just committed a large update to the drm(4) graphics code, syncing with upstream Linux 3.14.52 and introducing Broadwell GPU support. Read more...
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LibreSSL 2.3.0 Released

cs, 2015-09-24 13:26
The LibreSSL project has started a new development release branch, LibreSSL 2.3.0. The announcement posted by Brent Cook (bcook@) says,

We have released LibreSSL 2.3.0, which will be arriving in the LibreSSL directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon. This release is the first snapshot based on the development OpenBSD 5.9 branch. As such, it is likely to change more compared to the stable 2.2.x and 2.1.x branches. The ABI/API for the LibreSSL 2.3.x series will be declared stable around March 2016. See for more details.


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l2k15: (mpi@) The first rule of the Hackathon is...

sze, 2015-09-23 14:21 do not talk about bridge(4)!

Martin Pieuchot (mpi@) writes in to tell us about his adventures in the network stack at the ever popular l2k15 hackathon.

I must say that I was a bit afraid before coming to Varaždin. I was afraid that I'd have to discuss a lot about "how" to turn the network stack MP or what needs to change instead of hacking it. But this didn't happen and I had a very productive week.

This has been a really important hackathon for me because it was the first time I could sit in a room with all the developers working on MP-safeness in the network stack. Since l2k15 has been planned as a LibreSSL hackathon, we left the good guys upstairs and went to the basement to continue rewriting the network stack. Read more...

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l2k15: guenther@ on hacking libc symbols

k, 2015-09-22 16:13
Fresh from the l2k15 hackathon, here comes Philip Guenther's (guenther@) report: Mmmm, fresh burek and other pastries for breakfast, with plums from the farmer's market to slurp down while hacking. It was a great trip...

I spent most of l2k15 banging on libc with Theo. We finally started explicitly specifying the exported symbols late last month and managed to chop about 200 symbols from the export list before the hackathon. During the hackathon we made further progress on two fronts:

  • we stopped exporting another 100 symbols or so by hiding internal APIs and, in some cases, deleting routines or moving them into particular applications. Theo did most of this.
  • we stopped permitting overriding of many internal calls in libc. I did most of this.


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l2k15 Hackathon Report: krw@ on GPT

cs, 2015-09-17 17:59
With the l2k15 hackathon having just wrapped up, Ken Westerback (krw@) writes in to tell us how it went. Read more...
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GPT support enabled

p, 2015-09-11 22:40

Amongst the flurry of commits from the l2k15 hackathon, Ken Westerback (krw@) has been hacking away on GPT support, and it's now enabled in the GENERIC kernel. Read more...

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Native EFI Bootloader Support for OpenBSD

sze, 2015-09-02 09:45
As the j2k15 hackathon comes to a close, OpenBSD gets its very own native EFI bootloader.

On Twitter, Yojiro UO (yuo@-san) posted a list of systems tested and working with the new bootloader.

result: UEFI/Openbsd tested on VAIO Fit15A, VAIO Z, VAIO Z Canvas, minnow board max, lenovo E145, NEC Lavie LX750. all of them work fine.

— Yojiro UO (@yojiro) September 2, 2015

As you can see, a number of EFI-only systems are now successfully booting OpenBSD.

And as seen on twitter Yasuoka@-san posted a little teaser with the dmesg from an EFI-only MinnowBoard

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OpenBSD 5.8's third song announced

k, 2015-09-01 21:27
The third of the expected four OpenBSD 5.8 release songs, A Year in the Life, has been released.

The song is available in mp3 and ogg formats, with lyrics mainly about the LibreSSL story (remember this?), but as the song notes point out,

The pattern of LibreSSL development is a pattern that has repeated itself many times in OpenBSD -- a decision is made by a few people to do something, followed by action, and letting the world share it if they like it (such as with OpenSSH).

Bob Beck's full announcement reads:


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Coming Soon to OpenBSD/amd64: A Native Hypervisor

h, 2015-08-31 21:05

Earlier today, Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) published a teaser for something he's been working on for a while. Then a little later in the day, an announcement appeared on tech@:

TL;DR - a native hypervisor is coming. stay tuned.

For the last few months, I've been working on a hypervisor for OpenBSD. The idea for this started a few years ago, and after playing around with it from time to time, things really started to take shape around the time of the Brisbane hackathon earlier this year. As development accelerated, the OpenBSD Foundation generously offered to fund the project so that I could focus on it in more earnest.


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BSDNow Episode 104: Beverly Hills 25519

p, 2015-08-28 10:15

This week on BSDNow, the hosts have an interview with Damien Miller (djm@) of OpenSSH fame. He talks about the recent scrubbing of the default crypto options in OpenSSH, the reasons behind the move to ChaCha20 and the problems with CBC-mode ciphers, the issue of obsolete OpenSSH releases in the wild, code refactoring for the purpose of automated testing, and a list of ideas for future improvements.

Additionally, they have the usual roundup of the week's happenings in all things BSD.

[ Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent ]

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Call for Testing: Using tame() in userland

p, 2015-08-28 09:14

Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) has just released a call for testing of an initial conversions of programs in OpenBSD base to use the tame(2) API: This is for those of you interested in tame, and skilled enough to play along. Read more...

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Removal of SSLv3 from LibreSSL

cs, 2015-08-27 11:02

Earlier today, Doug Hogan (doug@) committed the first parts of the removal of SSLv3 support from LibreSSL: Log message: Remove SSLv3 support from LibreSSL. Read more...

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Kernel W^X extended to i386

cs, 2015-08-27 09:44
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As mentioned back in January, Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) has been working on improving W^X protections in the OpenBSD kernel. The bulk of the work was focused on the amd64 architecture, but he recently committed similar support for the i386 architecture as well. Read more...

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