Zotac Steam Machine Innovációs díjat kapott az OC3D-től

 ( jevgenyij | 2015. december 3., csütörtök - 15:06 )

Innovációs díjat kapott a Zotac Steam Machine az OC3D-től

"This is very similar to a new games console, and a lot of the issues with Linux/SteamOS gaming can be easily described as the plagues of being an Early adopter. Right now many people will argue that SteamOS does not have many games, to which I will say that neither did the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One when it was initially launched.

Right now SteamOS has over 1000 compatible games on the Steam Service, which is a lot of games to say the least. While plenty of new games are not released on Linux right not, more are certainly coming, and more and more developers are becoming increasingly interested in PC gaming outside of Windows.

What Zotac has created here with their ZBOX NEN SN970 is what I see as the ideal first generation Steam Machine, the hardware is modern, the form factor is perfect for the living room and it is capable of powering a 4K 60Hz display and even game at 4K on some titles. The machine is nigh on silent, is compatible with M.2 SSDs, able to power 4K screens with it's 4 HDMI 2.0 connections and is able to connect to USB 3.1 Type-C, making this system not just perfect as a somewhat future-proof device but also makes it ideal for installing Windows on if they want a powerful, yet tiny multi-screen office PC.

When compared to a console this machine provides options and compared to a normal PC it provided tiny simplicity, delivering exactly what the SteamOS experience is supposed to be. For this reason the Zotac ZBOX NEN Steam Machine has received the OC3D innovation award."


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