( sheridan | 2007. 08. 17., p - 12:22 )

Nem tudom, láttátok-e már, de egy security listán az imént ezt olvastam:

Eszerint a hálózatot le DoSolták...


On SecurityLab.ru forum an exploit code was published by an anonymous user.
Reportedly it must have caused Skype massive disconnections today.

The PoC uses standard Skype client to call to a specific number. This call
causes denial of service of current Skype server and forces Skype to
reconnect to another server. The new server also "freezes" and so on ... the
entire network.

Liks: http://www.securitylab.ru/news/301422.php

PoC: http://en.securitylab.ru/poc/301420.php

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Valery Marchuk