Software Developer in Cloud Environment - Work Force

 ( profession | 2019. március 18., hétfő - 15:52 )

I salute you dear developer! Glad that you popped in to this job description. Perhaps your looking for a new opportunity? Do you like to work alone and also as a part of a team? Are you precise and like to see through a project from the beginning to the end? Would you like to work for a multinational company?
If all checks out, I invite you to apply the down below mentioned position as a:

Job Description

● API developer
● Application developer providing a service in building, coding, cataloging and supporting
● API/data integration using Mulesoft and non-Mulesoft (e.g. Java Spring framework)
● The individual will be assigned to a dedicated product/project work to develop new business capabilities
● Establish integrations of newly delivered e-commerce platforms to the company’s backbone systems using modern application development tools and technologies

Your main tasks will include:

● Ability to build new integration (Coding and testing)
● Ability to support and troubleshoot the integration issues in MuleSoft and non-Mulesoft Java framework
● Understand/follow the integration concept, database, platform and infrastructure of the company
● Understand/follow IT mandates e.g. API/service, cloud-ready, modern authentication/authorization of the company

Primary requirements:

● 3 years in Java or Mulesoft development with Test Driven Development (must) and clean code mindset
● 1 to 2 years in API/service development with good understanding of service-oriented architecture
● Code repository and version control (e.g. Git) and basic understanding of application deployment pipeline (e.g. CI/CD)
● Communicative level in English
● Teamwork and agile mindset
● Passion to learn and work on new/different development toolset

Will be considered as an advantage if you have the following skill sets as well:

● Agile development methodology e.g. Scrum/Kanban, SaFe, XP
● Cloud platform/infrastructure e.g. Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift
● Cloud native application development (e.g. 12 factor)

How to apply:
To apply, please click HERE.