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Legolcsóbb párosítás Mikrotikből:
MikroTik RB941-2nD-TC Router (hAP lite TC) - ~7-7,5e Ft
The hAP lite is equipped with a powerful 650MHz CPU, 32MB RAM, dual chain 2.4GHz onboard wireless, four Fast Ethernet ports and a RouterOS L4 license. USB power supply is included.
MikroTik RBSXTsq2nD Router (SXTsq Lite2) -  ~12-13e F
Low-cost small-size 10dBi 2.4GHz dual chain integrated CPE/Backbone
The SXTsq Lite2 is a compact and lightweight outdoor wireless device with an integrated antenna. Perfect for point-to-point links or as a CPE unit. It is compact, weatherproof and easy to mount.
Az árban van táp, passzív injector és egy bilincs.