( SzBlackY | 2021. 01. 21., cs – 21:40 )

Milyen verziójú Exchange van a domainben?

Elvileg 2010-ig nem kéne, hogy gondot okozzon (azért a varjú mégiscsak ott van a falon), a legmegbízhatóbb infó, amit találtam az Univentiontől van:

Microsoft Exchange

Currently Exchange is running fine in smaller environments.

Tested Version

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 on Microsoft Server 2008 R2

Tested Features

  • Sending and Receiving E-Mails using SMTP
  • SMTP and IMAP connection from Thunderbird
  • MAPI Connections using MS Outlook
  • SSO using Windows 7 Domain Clients

Note: The Exchange Management Console might not work so Exchange administration is only possible through command line.

Not Supported Versions

Exchange 2013 SP1 requires the LDAP control LDAP_SERVER_NOTIFICATION_OID which is currently not implemented in Samba 4. This functionality is planned at a later point in time. Until then, the Univention Active Directory Connector can be used to connect Exchange 2013 SP1 with the UCS domain.

(Innen ni: https://wiki.univention.de/index.php/Software_working_out_of_the_Box_wi…)