( gemnon | 2020. 11. 26., cs – 20:21 )

For whatever reason, I did manage to do so the following way (I have no clue why this works, I've just seen it works accidentally and continued to it the same way):

  1. Disconnect everything.
  2. Connect the dongle to the computer, and connect the router to the dongle except for the Rx wire (for whatever reason, but otherwise the router won't start with dongle connected).
  3. Connect the router to the power source, and when it starts blinking its lights, quickly connect the Rx wire and start the console as fast as possible.
  4. You'll see the option selection countdown. Press 1 while moving at the speed of light.
  5. Voila.

This is tough to perform as you have to act very quickly. The whole connecting things and pressing buttons sequence has to happen in 2-3 seconds. You can attach so buttons to the wires to make it simpler.


De lehet csak scifi. :)