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igazabol az meg rendben lenne

de ha a kernel verziok kozti valtozasokat nezed akkor eleg meredek feladatot adsz a fejlesztoknek

stable kernelapi ftw


es akkor jon az ilyen

+Simple, get your kernel driver into the main kernel tree (remember we
+are talking about GPL released drivers here, if your code doesn't fall
+under this category, good luck, you are on your own here, you leech
+.) If your
+driver is in the tree, and a kernel interface changes, it will be fixed
+up by the person who did the kernel change in the first place. This
+ensures that your driver is always buildable, and works over time, with
+very little effort on your part.

eleg nagy akadalynak latom h mig mas OS nem kenyszerit ilyesmikre addig a linux igen

flame on

#toy like ppl make me boy like