( trey | 2022. 08. 14., v – 09:34 )


Felőled lehet, csak Torvalds felől nem. Ha a cél a mainline kernelbe kerülés, akkor eléggé szűk a mozgástered. A Rust egy olyan nyelv, amit lehet, hogy Torvalds és az alrendszer karbantartók sem basznak majd ki, mint macskát szarni:

> I realize it's the early days of Rust on Linux and this is an ambitious
> challenge, but I'm willing to learn and the driver will take some time
> to stabilize to the point of being upstreamable either way (in
> particular the UAPI), so writing it in Rust feels like less of a gamble
> at this point than it used to be, given that it sounds like Rust will be
> merged in the next few kernel cycles at the latest.


In other words, we would love to see Rust used everywhere (of course)
but we have to be mindful about where/how we introduce it (we are not
even in mainline yet), and be as much in agreement as possible with
maintainers where it may affect them.