( szkaresz | 2021. 05. 06., cs – 15:02 )

Írtam a Verbatimnak, válaszoltak:

Try using some kind of password forgotten option, what then lead to erase the drive.

Aztán egy kicsit jobban pontosítottam a "balesetet", hogy megértse mi a probléma, erre meg ezt írta:

Ok, thanks for further explanation. What can we do for you ? We can not change that sadly. You are writing you left password empty by mistake ok sorry then. The software used for encryption is not from Verbatim and we don’t know which is it. You are writing its supported by operating system, do you think now its a problem of the SSD ? Setting up a encryption normally can not work without any password as far as i know. Normally it makes no sense to enable encryption without any password normally.