( erenon | 2021. 04. 27., k – 16:48 )

Jol nez ki a gifben demozott preview window, de hozza kell tenni:

- Supports 4 independent methods to preview with:
# - tmux (>=3.0), or
# - kitty with allow_remote_control and listen_on set in kitty.conf, or
# - QuickLook on WSL (https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook)
# - $TERMINAL set to a terminal (it's xterm by default).
# The previews will be shown in a tmux split. If that isn't possible, it
# will try to use a kitty terminal split. And as a final fallback, a
# different terminal window will be used ($TERMINAL).


Ezek hianyaban mas eszkoz utan neztem, nekem a vifm bizonyult kenyelmesnek: https://vifm.info