( godot | 2021. 04. 15., cs – 19:46 )

Le van írva a dokisban minden, itt egy részeletesebb kifejtés:


De ha te szeretnél külön ip rule-okat minden VRF-hez megteheted:


2. An l3mdev FIB rule directs lookups to the table associated with the device.
   A single l3mdev rule is sufficient for all VRFs. The VRF device adds the
   l3mdev rule for IPv4 and IPv6 when the first device is created with a
   default preference of 1000. Users may delete the rule if desired and add
   with a different priority or install per-VRF rules.

   Prior to the v4.8 kernel iif and oif rules are needed for each VRF device:
       ip ru add oif vrf-blue table 10
       ip ru add iif vrf-blue table 10