( Zsugabubus | 2021. 04. 09., p – 17:29 )

Én ezt találtam a 12 hétről:

Notably, in exploratory analyses, vaccine efficacy after a single standard dose was 76·0% (59·3–85·9) from day 22 to day 90, and antibody levels were maintained during this period with minimal waning. Supporting a longer-interval immunisation strategy, vaccine efficacy was significantly higher at 81·3% (60·3–91·2) after two standard doses given at an interval of 12 weeks or longer, compared with 55·1% (33·0–69·9) when given less than 6 weeks apart. These findings were supported by immunogenicity studies done in participants who were younger than 55 years, showing anti-SARS-CoV-2 spike IgG antibody responses more than two-fold higher in those who had a dose interval of at least 12 weeks than in those who had an interval of less than 6 weeks (geometric mean ratio 2·32 [95% CI 2·01–2·68]).


Na most azt nem értem, hogy 76% a hatékonyság 1 adag után, ha a 2-at 12 hétre adják, akkor 81, de ha 6 héten belül, akkor csak 55%? Rosszabb, ha gyorsan kapsz kettőt, mintha nem is kapnál másodikat?