( asch | 2020. 07. 04., szo - 13:25 )

Nem szó szerint, on-the fly leírás:

(Meta: kopaszodik, egyre magasabb a halántéka)
 * Don't do speeches any more
 * Current Version is small. Usually a good sign
 ** Take an extra week but nothing special or odd
 * Q: File system cause bood freeze bug. Testability problem?
 ** A: Odd bug hunted, solved. Sign of fewer obvious bugs. Have Better tools, better tests and good processes. Basics are very good. Interaction bugs are happening.
 ** Q: RT being merged - more than 10 years. Focus on using in safety critical systems.
 ** A: (pause)... I dont think we getting worse. People are doing cleanup on decade old code! Very deep work is being done.
    Safety critical: they do one thing that is tested very well and kind of bugs are happening in circumstances that do not occur on safety critical systems.
 ** A: development kernel is not the same as the one that distros use. Many testing is done and then at the end there is the LTS. Multiple levels of filtering is implemented. By the time it is hitting the train (LOL)
 ** Embedded world is using very old kernels which are inferior to what we have now
 ** Q: What you do:
 ** A: I read email. I dont code. I write code in email: this is fine but ... and send pseudo code. This is how it should be done. But he reads more than writes.
    My job is to be able to say no. So the other people know he would say no and does better work.
    Read emails about what others are working on.
    Q: What should kernel developers do more?
    A: My goal is to be very responsive: reply within a day or two - during merge window it is a week. So they feel like they are appreciated (or actually not :-) but get feedback. It isnt interesting job.
       What I hope people are doing. Not just good code but also explanation of the code. Especially changes. Why the change was needed. Commit message is communication.
  Q: Memoir: just for fun. Old times: 16MB of RAM, HDD100MB, libraries were simple, code printed. Is it easy to have fun today?
  A: PRO: In many respects development went easier: better tools, documentation, community. People feel it is part of the job to help new people. Much less problems that stop you. HW is not a problem any more.
     CON: Kernel is more complicated: it is not easy to find low hanging fruit where to start work.
     Almost all kerneldevelopers started doing sometinhg small at the edges: driver, etc. Edges are larger so it is easy to find something particular.
     I would say you should not enter Kernel development (LOL) there are many interesting other projects. But if you are interested what Kernel does you can do it.

 Q: Did you have Inflection point when "just for fun" nature has changed:
 A: there are parts that is not fun. Kinds of things that are not fun tend to be different. CPU bugs: not fun with a CAPITAL F (LOL)
 A: Moder versioning: no experimental and stable because: that old model was so much not fun. Because the experimental was too experimental. Too much crazy: user do not want to touch. Developer: not fun because because there are no users it is not meaningful. 2.5 days they did not use experimental kernel. New model: be more careful what is integrated, made it more fun.
 Q: git:
 A: I maintained for 6 months and not more. I am very happy about git. What makes me happy: self doubt Linux is just a reimplementation of Unix. git proves yes I can do something original. (about 23:00 Plus Some joke that I did not understand)
 Kernels have names too. Who did not in the audience? Since before 1.0 Kernels have a NAME variable in Makefile that gets set. Usually a random creature. Squirrel running in front of my car: suicidal squirrel. Never again used again. Something happens in news or personal life then name is changed. Last release: cleptomaniac octopus. Diving and playing with octopus: first wanted to steal flashlight second my camera.
 Where should the 30 years celebration be at: Helsinki? No I am thinking Tahiti.

Szerk.: újranéztem és felfogtam a poént 23:00-nál. a harmadik projektje a subsurface búvárlogger alkalmazás, ami szinten annyira világmegrengető mint a Linux és a git és hogy hogynem a kérdező maintaineli, ezért feltétlen szóba kellett hozni.