( zitev | 2020. 05. 22., p - 20:10 )

Az unchained verzió továbbra is a hívó neve alapján menti a fájlokat, csak ezt a Google play nem engedi meg, ezért külső forrásból terjesztik: https://call-recorder-acr.en.uptodown.com/android

Egyébként meg:

"ACR Unchained from version 32.9 onwards will be able to record calls on Android 10 as it was on Android 9.

It is still not real call recording but better than no audio at all.

Another point is that Android 10 fix is only available on ACR Unchained version. This is because ACR has to use Accessibility Service for working around Android 10 issue. Google does not allow apps that are not designed for accessibility use Accessibility Service.

I know you can find other call recording apps that do use it and available on the Play Store. However, we would prefer to comply with rules of the stores we are publishing."