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HMAC-MD5? Régi kliensek nem is támogatnak szinte mást (persze plain texten kívül).

The cryptographic strength of the HMAC depends upon the size of the secret key that is used. The most common attack against HMACs is brute force to uncover the secret key. HMACs are substantially less affected by collisions than their underlying hashing algorithms alone.[6][7] In particular, in 2006 Mihir Bellare proved that HMAC is a PRF under the sole assumption that the compression function is a PRF.[8] Therefore, HMAC-MD5 does not suffer from the same weaknesses that have been found in MD5.

In 2011 an informational RFC 6151[13] was published to summarize security considerations in MD5 and HMAC-MD5. For HMAC-MD5 the RFC summarizes that – although the security of the MD5 hash function itself is severely compromised – the currently known "attacks on HMAC-MD5 do not seem to indicate a practical vulnerability when used as a message authentication code", but it also adds that "for a new protocol design, a ciphersuite with HMAC-MD5 should not be included".

Szóval nem értem miért kell kivenni a támogatását. Szerintem meglátták a nevében az MD5-öt és kérdés nélkül kihúzták a listáról..