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Ez a bulvar.

Ez az eredeti:

“We won’t comply with ... laws that are incompatible with Telegram’s confidentiality policy or protecting people’s private lives,” Durov said.

Es ez a twitter valasza:

We've no issue with formalities, but not a single byte of private data will ever be shared with any government https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2017/06/28/technology/28reuters-russia-…

Es meg ez is:

They got this public info about our company – https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1399104D:RU-telegram-messe… … – and I made it very clear that no private info will be shared.

Meg ez is:

They seem to be unhappy because we won't comply with the unconstitutional "Yarovaya laws" and won't give them the encryption keys they wanted.
Because of my parents, not being able to visit Russia on occasion is more painful for me than never going to Iran.

Itt le lehet tolteni az orosz felszolitast is. (oroszul van, de alatta angolul is megirtak ugy kezdodik, hogy Dear Pavel Valerievich...)

Vagy a szeptember 14-ei vegzest is, amibol csak par momentum:
...relying on the fact of violating the obligation to submit to the federal executive body responsible for control of security the information required to decode the recieved, transmitted, delivered and (or) processed emails.

Van lejjebb is egy komoly (3 oldalas) kifejtes is.
Ebbol is par reszlet:
cim: Record of an administrative offence, 137/2/2/3904

Telegram ... is an organizer of information distributing on the Internet ...
june 28 2017 it was included in the register ... assigned the 90-PP registry number ... offers to its ... users ... end-to-end encrypted chat.

information for decoding to the Department ... was sent to ... abuse@telegram.org ... the letter was received by the addressee in Great Britain ...

At the same time up to August 30, 2017 there was no answer from Telegram ...
the Department has no information about the fulfillment of obligation ...

...Hence Telegram committed an administrative offence ...


Szerintem annyira nem felhotlen az a viszony... Es engem megnyugtatott amit olvastam.

Saying a programming language is good because it works on all platforms is like saying anal sex is good because it works on all genders....