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"When it comes to systemd, you may expect me to have lots of colourful opinions, and I just don't," Torvalds told iTWire in an interview. "I don't personally mind systemd, and in fact my main desktop and laptop both run it.
In a reference to a spat he had with Kay Sievers, one of the main developers of systemd, Torvalds added: "Now, I don't get along with some of the developers and think they are a bit too cavalier about bugs and compatibility, but I'm also very much not in the camp of people who hate the very thought of systemd."
iTWire: Systemd seems to depart to a large extent from the original idea of simplicity that was a hallmark of UNIX systems. Would you agree? And is this a good or a bad thing?
Linus Torvalds: So I think many of the "original ideals" of UNIX are these days more of a mindset issue than necessarily reflecting reality of the situation.
There's still value in understanding the traditional UNIX "do one thing and do it well" model where many workflows can be done as a pipeline of simple tools each adding their own value, but let's face it, it's not how complex systems really work, and it's not how major applications have been working or been designed for a long time. It's a useful simplification, and it's still true at *some* level, but I think it's also clear that it doesn't really describe most of reality.
It might describe some particular case, though, and I do think it's a useful teaching tool. People obviously still do those traditional pipelines of processes and file descriptors that UNIX is perhaps associated with, but there's a *lot* of cases where you have big complex unified systems.
And systemd is in no way the piece that breaks with old UNIX legacy. Graphical applications seldom worked that way (there are certainly _echoes_ of it in things like "LyX", but I think it's the exception rather than the rule), and then there's obviously the traditional counter-example of GNU emacs, where it really was not about the "simple UNIX model", but a whole new big infrastructure thing. Like systemd.

Torvalds says he has no strong opinions on systemd

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