( krumplicska | 2012. 01. 10., k - 13:44 )

XBMC szép meg minden, de valójában van egy fos viselkedése, egy CPU-t maxon teker folyamatosan, amikor idle akkor is. Pl ha torrenteznél is ugyanazzal a géppel és autologinnal indul az xbmc akkor faszán fűti a lakást :)

A legbénább, hogy a fejlesztők tesznek az egészre:

XBMC was originally written for the XBox game console, which is a single-threaded system (not a multi-tasking OS like Windows). As such, it was written in a game loop, rather than being event-driven. This means that the screen refreshes as fast as possible in order to "feel" responsive to the user. What this boils down to is that while sitting on the idle screen, XBMC is still repainting the screen at 60-90 frames per second (as can be seen by the FPS number if debug mode is enabled). This takes up a lot of processor power, because the "game" is still running, even though you may not be doing anything with it.
There are currently no intentions to change this, as it is a very low-level change of the entire XBMC platform