( zsver | 2011. 08. 19., p - 12:46 )

A fenti grafikonon a desktop hasznalatrol volt szo :)

meg kulonben is, a linux meg windows gyenge kezdo market share eseten:

These are just two of the reasons why TRON is installed in most Japanese-made cellphones and digital cameras, as well as in many other electronic products, such as audio-visual devices, rice cookers, air conditioners, fax machines, karaoke machines, and car-engine control devices. The mini-computers fitted to these devices are called embedded chips, and about 5.3 billion of them are produced worldwide each year. It is thought that about half of these run on TRON. Since only about 150 million PCs are shipped each year, these figures mean that TRON is used in far more machines than the overwhelming leader in the personal computing market, Microsoft's Windows OS. In fact, in terms of machine numbers TRON is the most widely used OS in the world.

innen: http://web-japan.org/trends/science/sci030522.html