A OnePlus az OPPO albrandje lehet, félelmek az OxygenOS jövőjével kapcsolatban

Kiszivárgott dokumentumok arra engednek következtetni, hogy a OnePlus és az OPPO szorosabbra fűzné szálait, aminek végeredménye az lenne, hogy a OnePlus az OPPO albrandje lenne.

The document leaked by Blass seems to be aimed at training public relations staff on how to respond to questions about the recent news. The talking points basically reiterate what we’re already heard from OnePlus officially, but there’s one interesting piece of information listed on the first page. When a representative is asked about the exact relationship between OnePlus and OPPO, the expected response is to state that “with the integration, OnePlus becomes a brand within OPPO[,] however, [it] will continue to function as an independent entity.”
Another interesting tidbit in the document tells whoever is reading the document to “not respond to any OS or ColorOS questions that target the integration announcement”. It instructs them to only use the following response: “We currently do not have any updates regarding the operating systems. Please stay tuned to our official channels”. This could mean that big changes are coming to OxygenOS, though it’s too early to tell. If it were being discussed internally, OnePlus would not want public relations staff to give a definitive statement on the off chance that the company contradicts them later on.
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