Az Apple egyebek mellett a Google adatközpontjait használja az iCloud user adatok tárolására


Részletek itt.


Perfectly legit Unicode karakterre bekrepálást se hagyjuk ki.
Amiben a poén az, hogy malicious character combination-nak adják el.

The Telugu letter involved is not very common in Telugu words, but because the sound it makes is unusual it cannot be easily substituted with another character when required.

Telugu itself is mostly spoken in south-eastern India, where it is the official language of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Vagy az emoji crasht.

The message itself comprises a white flag emoji, a ‘0’ and a rainbow emoji, exploiting a workaround iOS uses in order to create the rainbow flag emoji, which isn’t an official emoji.

Vagy az arab szöveg \dots-ozására való képtelenséget.

The problem appears to be with the way messages appear in notifications. Normally, when you get a message in English, a portion of it will appear.

The rest, if it's long enough, will disappear off screen with three dots (...) to tell you there's more to read.

When non-Latin characters, like Arabic, get sent they can confuse the phone, which doesn't know where to put the "..." symbol.

When the device can't fix the problem, it just reboots. Which is at best annoying, and at worst can really mess up your work or cut off your conversation.

haha, cipőt a cipőboltból, tárhelyet a tárhelyestől.

GPLv3-as hozzászólás.