A Red Hat aktualizálta 2002-ben tett Open Source szabadalmi ígéretét

 ( trey | 2017. szeptember 22., péntek - 10:37 )

A Red Hat bejelentette, hogy nagymértékben kiszélesítette, kibővítette 2002-ben tett Open Source szabadalmi ígéretét, amiben kifejezte, hogy nem szándékozik szabadalmi jogait érvényre juttatni a szabad- és nyílt forrású szoftverekkel szemben. Az eredeti szabadalmi ígéretben a Red Hat kifejtette, hogy szabadalmi portfóliójának egyik célja, hogy leszerelje, elrettentse a szabad- és nyílt forrású szoftverekkel szembeni szabadalmi agressziót.

A Red Hat úgy hiszi, hogy szabadalmi ígérete a legszélesebb körű jelenleg az iparágban. Részletek a bejelentésben.

Hozzászólás megjelenítési lehetőségek

A választott hozzászólás megjelenítési mód a „Beállítás” gombbal rögzíthető.

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How does the new Patent Promise improve upon its predecessor?

The new Promise is substantially clearer and broader than its predecessor. While the old Promise covered approximately 35 percent of open source software, the new version will cover more than 99 percent. It applies to all software meeting the free software or open source definitions of the Free Software Foundation or the Open Source Initiative and listed by the FSF or OSI. Also, the Promise promotes growth of the open source commons by encouraging release of matching source code. This means that all commonly used open source licenses are included, and many less commonly used ones.

Does the new Promise cover more patents?

Both the new Promise and the original Promise covered all Red Hat’s patents. It’s worth noting that at the time of the original Promise, Red Hat had only a few patents, while now it has more than 2000.

Does the new Promise apply to Red Hat’s subsidiaries?

Yes, the new Promise applies to Red Hat’s subsidiaries, as well as to its successors and assignees.

Is the new Patent Promise a firm commitment by Red Hat?

Yes, the new Promise expressly states that Red Hat intends the Promise to be binding and enforceable. It is intended to make clear Red Hat’s continuing commitment to support the open source community and not to assert patent claims regarding open source.

How does the new Patent Promise relate to similar commitments by other companies?

While some companies in recent years have sought to allay concerns about the possible use of their patents through commitments similar to Red Hat’s original Patent Promise, to our knowledge, no company has gone as far as Red Hat in making such a wide-ranging commitment as our new Promise, including coverage of our entire patent portfolio. We encourage other companies to make commitments similar to this one.

What will happen to the original Patent Promise?

The new Promise supersedes the original Promise and applies retroactively. This makes clear that the broader coverage and other improvements of the new Promise replace the more limited scope of the original.

What are the requirements for benefiting from the new version?

There are no special acts required to receive the benefits of the new Promise. It generally applies to any software that would otherwise infringe one of Red Hat’s patents as long as that software is covered by one of the specified open source licenses.

Do you foresee future changes to the Patent Promise?

There are no plans for additional revisions to the Promise. We recognize that there could be future developments that merit further modifications and will consider the best course in those circumstances. The new Promise makes clear that, if there should be future revisions, they will not undo the protections and coverage now being put in place.

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