NetBSD 7.0 RC2

 ( trey | 2015. július 29., szerda - 13:02 )

A NetBSD projekt nevében Soren Jacobsen bejelentette a NetBSD 7.0 második kiadásra jelölt verzióját. Változások az RC1-hez képest:

  • OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1p
  • BIND updated to 9.10.2-P2
  • IPSEC support is now included by default in Xen kernels
  • Fix several security issues in calendar(1)
  • installboot(8) now supports wedge names
  • Fix a quota panic when using WAPBL (PR 49948)
  • Fix a memory leak in the drm2 code
  • Avoid an X crash on i915 DRMKMS
  • Add a postinstall(8) check to ensure that /etc/man.conf reflects the modern mandoc world (PR 50020)
  • Add a postinstall(8) check to ensure that /etc/fonts/fonts.conf is up to date
  • tset(1): Fix handling of the erase character
  • gdb(1): Fix attaching to a running process again after previously detaching
  • NPF: handle unregistered interfaces correctly
  • npfctl(8): Fix a NULL dereference
  • zgrep(1): suppress the prefixing of filename on output when only one file is specified, to match grep(1)'s output
  • Fix lrint(x) and llrint(x) when x is larger than 2**51 (PR 49690)
  • Bump MAXTSIZ and MAXDSIZ on amiga, fixing gcc 4.8 execution
  • Fix MKCTF=yes on drm2 kernels
  • Make clock_t unsigned int everywhere, so it's the same on LP64 and IPL32 architectures
  • arm: if halt is requested and there is no console, keep looping instead of rebooting
  • sparc64: Fix booting of kernels with more than 4 MB combined .data and .bss segments
  • powerpc: Fix occasional FPU register corruption (PR 50037)
  • m68k: Fix atomic_cas_{8,16} and __sync_bool_compare_and_swap_{1,2,4} (PR 49995)

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