Thursday's security updates

Linux Weekly News - cs, 2017-01-12 19:26

Debian has updated bind9 (three vulnerabilities), ikiwiki (three vulnerabilities), and python-pysaml2 (XML external entity attack).

Debian-LTS has updated libav (two vulnerabilities).

Fedora has updated compat-guile18 (F25; F24: insecure directory creation), mingw-flac (F25: three vulnerabilities from 2015), qpid-java (F25: information disclosure), and springframework-security (F25: security constraint bypass).

openSUSE has updated flash-player (13.2: multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated memcached (RHMAP4.2: two vulnerabilities).

Slackware has updated bind (denial of service), gnutls (multiple vulnerabilities), and irssi (multiple vulnerabilities).

SUSE has updated bind (SLE12-SP2,SP1; SLE12; SLE11-SP4,SP3: three vulnerabilities) and flash-player (SLE12-SP1: multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated bind9 (three vulnerabilities) and libvncserver (two vulnerabilities).

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[$] Weekly Edition for January 12, 2017

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The Weekly Edition for January 12, 2017 is available.
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CVE-2016-9587: an unpleasant Ansible vulnerability

Linux Weekly News - cs, 2017-01-12 00:03
The Ansible project is currently posting release candidates for the 2.1.4 and 2.2.1 releases. They fix an important security bug: "CVE-2016-9587 is rated as HIGH in risk, as a compromised remote system being managed via Ansible can lead to commands being run on the Ansible controller (as the user running the ansible or ansible-playbook command)." Until this release is made, it would make sense to be especially careful about running Ansible against systems that might have been compromised.

Update: see this advisory for much more detailed information.

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