Security advisories for Wednesday

Linux Weekly News - sze, 2016-10-19 18:52

Debian has updated quagga (stack overrun) and tor (denial of service).

Debian-LTS has updated dwarfutils (multiple vulnerabilities), guile-2.0 (two vulnerabilities), libass (two vulnerabilities), libgd2 (two vulnerabilities), libxv (insufficient validation), and tor (denial of service).

Fedora has updated epiphany (F24: unspecified), ghostscript (F24; F23: multiple vulnerabilities), glibc-arm-linux-gnu (F24: denial of service), guile (F24: two vulnerabilities), libgit2 (F24: two vulnerabilities), openssh (F23: null pointer dereference), qemu (F24: multiple vulnerabilities), and webkitgtk4 (F24: unspecified).

Mageia has updated asterisk (denial of service), flash-player-plugin (multiple vulnerabilities), kernel (multiple vulnerabilities), and mailman (password disclosure).

Red Hat has updated java-1.8.0-openjdk (RHEL6, 7: multiple vulnerabilities), kernel (RHEL6.7: use-after-free), and mariadb-galera (RHOSP8: SQL injection/privilege escalation).

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Fedora 25 Beta Resets the Linux Performance Bar

LinuxToday - sze, 2016-10-19 18:45
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The Exciting Features Of The Linux 4.9 Kernel

LinuxToday - sze, 2016-10-19 17:45
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Live kernel patches for Ubuntu

Linux Weekly News - sze, 2016-10-19 16:33
Canonical has announced the availability of a live kernel patch service for the 16.04 LTS release. "It’s the best way to ensure that machines are safe at the kernel level, while guaranteeing uptime, especially for container hosts where a single machine may be running thousands of different workloads." Up to three systems can be patched for free; the service requires a fee thereafter. There is a long FAQ about the service in this blog post; it appears to be based on the mainline live-patching functionality with some Canonical add-ons.
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VMware Embraces Kubernetes in Container Push

LinuxToday - sze, 2016-10-19 15:45
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Meet Hubot: The DevOps chat bot

LinuxToday - sze, 2016-10-19 13:45
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Kügler: Plasma’s road ahead

Linux Weekly News - k, 2016-10-18 21:36
Sebastian Kügler reports on KDE's Plasma team meeting. "We took this opportunity to also look and plan ahead a bit further into the future. In what areas are we lacking, where do we want or need to improve? Where do we want to take Plasma in the next two years?" Specific topics include release schedule changes, UI and theming improvements, feature backlog, Wayland, mobile, and more. (Thanks to Paul Wise)
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