Fedora Developer Announces New Partition Manager (Linux Magazine)

Linux Weekly News - k, 2014-09-09 21:38
Linux Magazine takes a look at blivet-gui, a partition tool built from storage and configuration management tools used in Fedora’s Anaconda installer. "According to the developer, the Linux community needs a new partition tool because of all the new storage technologies that have appeared over the last few years. Traditional tools such as GParted no longer support the full range of Linux filesystem and storage options."
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Xen & Docker: Made for Each Other!

LinuxToday - k, 2014-09-09 20:45
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Tuesday's security advisories

Linux Weekly News - k, 2014-09-09 18:07

CentOS has updated jakarta-commons-httpclient (C7; C6; C5: SSL server spoofing).

Debian has updated file (multiple vulnerabilities).

Mageia has updated gtk+3.0 (MG4: screen lock bypass).

openSUSE has updated firefox (13.1, 12.3: multiple vulnerabilities) and thunderbird (13.1, 12.3: multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated jakarta-commons-httpclient (OL7; OL6; OL5: SSL server spoofing).

Red Hat has updated jakarta-commons-httpclient (RHEL5,6,7: SSL server spoofing).

Scientific Linux has updated jakarta-commons-httpclient (SL5,6: SSL server spoofing).

Ubuntu has updated nss (code execution) and qemu, qemu-kvm (multiple vulnerabilities).

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Linux 3.17 rc4

LinuxToday - k, 2014-09-09 12:45
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What color is your terminal background?

LinuxToday - k, 2014-09-09 07:45
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Gentoo Linux 20140826 Iron Penguin Edition

LinuxToday - k, 2014-09-09 03:45
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