Linux 4.1 Goes Long Term for Support

LinuxToday - cs, 2015-06-25 21:15
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First quad- and octa-core QorIQ SoCs unveiled

LinuxToday - cs, 2015-06-25 21:15
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A template for starting project documentation

LinuxToday - cs, 2015-06-25 19:45
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Thursday's security updates

Linux Weekly News - cs, 2015-06-25 17:05

CentOS has updated nss (C7; C6: cipher downgrade) and nss-util (C7; C6: cipher downgrade).

Debian has updated cacti (three vulnerabilities).

Fedora has updated xen (F20: multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated kernel 2.6.39 (OL6; OL5: two vulnerabilities), kernel 3.8.13 (OL7; OL6: two vulnerabilities), and kernel 2.6.32 (OL6; OL5: two vulnerabilities)

Red Hat has updated chromium-browser (RHEL6: multiple vulnerabilities), flash-plugin (RHEL5&6: code execution), nss (RHEL6&7: cipher downgrade), php55-php (RHSC2: multiple vulnerabilities), and rh-php56-php (RHSC2: multiple vulnerabilities).

Scientific Linux has updated libreswan (SL7: denial of service) and php (SL7: multiple vulnerabilities).

SUSE has updated IBM Java (SLE10SP4: multiple vulnerabilities) and Java (SLE11SP2: multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated python2.7, python3.2, python3.4 (14.10, 14.04, 12.04: multiple vulnerabilities, some from 2013), tomcat6 (12.04: three vulnerabilities), and tomcat7 (15.04, 14.10, 14.04: multiple vulnerabilities).

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Ubuntu Fan Debuts for Container Networking

LinuxToday - cs, 2015-06-25 16:45
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GNU Linux-libre 4.1

LinuxToday - cs, 2015-06-25 12:45
Kategóriák: Linux Weekly Edition for June 25, 2015

Linux Weekly News - cs, 2015-06-25 02:40
The Weekly Edition for June 25, 2015 is available.
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Must Have Collaboration Apps for Android

LinuxToday - sze, 2015-06-24 21:45
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