Stable kernel updates

Linux Weekly News - p, 2014-11-14 21:25
Greg Kroah-Hartman has released three stable kernels; 3.17.3, 3.14.24, and 3.10.60. All of them contain lots of important fixes throughout the tree.
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Security advisories for Friday

Linux Weekly News - p, 2014-11-14 17:25

Fedora has updated aircrack-ng (F20; F19: multiple vulnerabilities), gnutls (F20: three vulnerabilities), and python3 (F19: three vulnerabilities).

Mageia has updated claws-mail (M4: SSL certificate verification botch), curl (information leak), flash-player-plugin (many vulnerabilities), getmail (three vulnerabilities), kdebase4-workspace (M3: privilege escalation), libreoffice (M4; M3: two vulnerabilities), and ruby (denial of service).

openSUSE has updated openssl (13.2: multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated kernel 2.6.39 (OL6; OL5: two vulnerabilities) and kernel 3.8.13 (OL7; OL6: two vulnerabilities).

SUSE has updated flash-player (SLE12: three vulnerabilities) and java-1_7_0-openjdk (SLE12: multiple vulnerabilities).

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Hack website password using WireShark

LinuxToday - p, 2014-11-14 07:45
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Linux Security Distros Compared: Tails vs. Kali vs. Qubes (Lifehacker)

Linux Weekly News - p, 2014-11-14 01:53
Three security-oriented Linux distributions are compared and contrasted over at Lifehacker. The three (Tails, Kali Linux, and Qubes OS) have distinct use cases that are surveyed in the article. "The crux of Tails is anonymity. While it has cryptographic tools in place, its main purpose is to anonymize everything you're during online. This is great for most people, but it doesn't give you the freedom to do stupid things. If you log into your Facebook account under your real name, it's still going to be obvious who you are and remaining anonymous on an online community is a lot harder than it seems."
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The Long and Winding Road (Mageia Blog)

Linux Weekly News - p, 2014-11-14 00:40
Over on the Mageia Blog, Rémi Verschelde explains why the Mageia 5 Beta 1 took a month and a half longer than planned—but is now available. Upgrading to RPM 4.12 during the release process caused some problems, but there were other troubles along the way. "Still, while fixing our core tools during this first mass rebuild, some important changes were made to our RPM setup. As a consequence, half of the rebuilt packages (the ones built before our RPM setup changes) were lacking some important metadata. We then decided to do a second mass rebuild in October, which went quite fine apart from some issues with the Java stack. It was already late October when the first Beta 1 ISOs could be spun and delivered to the QA team for pre-release testing." Beta 2 has been pushed back to December 16, with a final release of Mageia 5 expected on January 31.
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